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Putting a smile on someone’s face – be it a loved one, friend or even a stranger – is one of the most satisfying experiences we have. And being able to respond to those around you in a manner that shows your engagement, approval and affection is crucial for effective and empathetic communication.

But there are several factors that can compromise the integrity and beauty of your smile as you age, leaving you unconfident and even embarrassed about engaging the world with one of your strongest attributes.
Whether it be proactive maintenance of your natural smile through primary care, or enhancing you natural smile with full-mouth restoration options, we have a team of experts qualified to help you do both!

Your smile truly is worth a thousand words and we want you to be able to show it proudly and without reservation.

Give yourself a reason to start smiling again! Call for a consultation today.



Give yourself a reason to start smiling again! Call for a consultation today.

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Dental Implants

Even implants may be covered by major medical insurance. Call us today:

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

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In House Billing

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Innate Dental Solutions: Bringing you excellent dental care by bridging the gap between dental procedures and medical insurance.

Our team of professional experts are uniquely experienced to bring innovative solutions to you!

With a combination of medical, dental, and insurance backgrounds, our dedicated team members are here to assist you in obtaining the dental services you need.

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We’re the only provider in Texas qualified to bill dental, medical and Medicare insurance. All in house and all for you. Contact us today!

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