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  • Repairs


Snap in denture repairs

Did your denture break? Did you lose a tooth? Are your dentures rocking and/or becoming loose? Don’t worry, we can help with any repairs you may need. Our experienced dentists and staff are trained to repair almost any denture, partial denture or snap in denture and in most cases the same day. 

Some repairs include:

  • Complete denture and partial denture repairs
  • Tooth repair/replacement
  • Repairing cracks
  • Rocking or loose implant dentures
  • Broken dentures

All on X and other permanent implant solution repairs

There are many things that can break or fail with an All on X or other permanent implant solutions. The parts attaching the implant to the teeth can break. Screws that hold the teeth in can break or come loose. The metal support can break. The teeth or acrylic can break or fall off. 

Each problem has a specific solution to fix and our expert dentists and staff can help find the solution for you. Minor repairs like a missing tooth can be repaired quickly and easily in office and, in most cases, the same day. More advanced cracks or full breaks of the teeth may require the teeth to be sent out to the lab and can be repaired within 1-3 days. 

Whatever the case may be we will find a solution and get you back to smiling and chewing as fast as possible.

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All on X Cleaning Visit

What to Expect

  • Removal of the prosthesis if needed.
  • Inspection of the screws that attach the prosthesis to implants
  • Cleaning, debridement of the implants & tissues in contact with the prosthesis
  • Irrigation of tissues with anti-microbial medication
  • X-rays are taken of the implants to evaluate bone levels or any premature sign of bone loss
  • Evaluation of occlusion on the prosthesis
  • Inspection of the implant abutments and associated parts
  • The screws that attach the all-on-4 prosthesis to the implants are often recommended to be replaced as they tend to wear, loosen, or break over time.

Fee: $450 ( full visit recommended annually)

Fee $175 ( periodic cleanings in-between full annual visits)


Cleaning and maintenance for your Snap in dentures

At home care is simple with your Snap in dentures. It is recommended after eating to rinse your mouth with any rinse you prefer for water. At least nightly it is recommended to un-snap your teeth, rinse your mouth and brush gently around your implants. You can sleep with your teeth in your mouth, or you also have the option to soak them in a solution each night. 

Professional cleaning for Snap in dentures

Getting your new implant teeth cleaned once, twice a year or even quarterly is highly recommended. Your new teeth will be removed, and your hygienist will clean the teeth and clean the implant itself. Once finished, we’ll put your teeth back in, adjust the tightness and fitting of the teeth and replace the tiny tabs that control the tightness of your teeth. Most dental insurance plans cover this type of cleaning. For self-pay patients the fee is $200