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Important Patient Information

With a combination of medical, dental, and insurance backgrounds, our dedicated team members are here to assist you in obtaining the dental services you need.

What about billing my insurance?

At Innate Dental Solutions, our focus is on you. We work with Medicare and all medical/dental insurance companies to ensure you pay the least amount out of pocket.

What if I need financing Options?

We understand the need for financial leniency for larger expenses and we do offer financing options for all out-of-pocket expense. Care Credit and Lending Club are two financing brands we recommend for this option.

How much is the consultation?

We offer a free consultation, exam, and 3D X-ray for our new patients.

How much does the procedure cost?

Depending on which service you choose, remaining co-pays after insurance benefits can be as low as $5,000 for a full-mouth procedure.

How long does the procedure take?

Dental surgery typically takes a few hours, depending on what’s involved. Your individual time commitment will be discussed with you, as well as any additional requirements, during your pre-op appointment.

Will I be awake during the procedure?

In an effort to ease anxiety and ensure the most comfortable and safe experience for our patients, we recommend being anesthetized during your procedure. Our team of board-certified anesthesiologists are the most experienced in the dental field and will work with you to ensure your personal requests and concerns are addressed and managed mindfully.

How will I know if my insurance pays for the dental implants?

Our team of experts will verify your benefits and pre-authorize all coverage from dental to medical (including Medicare) to maximize what’s covered and ensure you have the lowest out-of-pocket cost possible.

We are the only dental implant provide in Texas qualified to bill dental, medical, and Medicare insurance. Let’s get the process started. Call us today!

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Accepting New Patients

Innate Dental Solutions is currently accepting new patients. We have two dental implant clinics to serve our patients. To schedule a free consultation and free 3D X-ray, please call our Plano clinic at (972) 519-0990 or our Ennis clinic at (972-945-0053.