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Upgrade Your Smile with Implants

Did you know that more than 41 million Americans currently use dental hardware in their mouth? And of these 41 million, how many have to suffer with the unwanted side effects of conventional dentures? Too many. 

Mouth Reconstruction

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer several advantages over other teeth replacement options. Not only do they look and feel more like natural teeth, they’re also more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and durable. Unlike conventional dentures, implant-supported full bridges and dentures will actually replace some of your existing tooth roots and integrate systemically with your jawbone, keeping the bone healthier and allowing you to retain a more natural biting and chewing capacity.

In many cases, the loss of bone that accompanies conventional dentures can often lead to recession of the jawbone and a collapsed, unattractive smile. Not the case with implants. 

The ability for the implant to fuse with the bone cells of the jaw over time enables an anchor-like security for your new teeth, resulting in no slippage of the hardware or unwanted movement from existing teeth that can create additional wear and tear over time.

How They Work:

At Innate Dental Solutions, we offer a couple different possibilities for whole-mouth restoration surgery. But before you can understand your options, you need to first know the main players in any implant procedure.

During the dental implant procedure, a titanium screw (the actual implant) is imbedded within the bone of the jaw or skull to support your dental prosthesis (your beautiful new teeth). Whether you choose the removable denture or permanent bridge, the implant will provide the anchored support necessary to ensure the prosthesis stays in place and there are no unwanted aesthetic implications or usability issues. 

They look and function just like your normal teeth do. Only they are more durable and often times even look more desirable that your original smile.

Now, believe it or not, every tooth does not require an implant. In fact, whole-mouth reconstruction can be accomplished with just four implants on top and four on the bottom. And in most cases, you can restore your smile in just one day! 

And, your prosthetic can either be removable or permanent. In both cases, they are supported by and anchored to your dental implants. With this type of dental restoration, the abutment is attached to an arch of prosthetic teeth that span across your entire mouth – restoring the beautiful smile you once had and the confidence you’ve been missing without it.

Procedures Offered:

The industry standard is the All-on-4 option, which utilizes four anchored implants and the non-removable arch bridge. The second offers a removable bridge supported by the anchored implants and attached to the abutments with a specialized bar. Please see below for more detail:

  • All-on-4Traditionally, each single dental implant has one small titanium screw that a surgeon inserts into the gums. Then, the dentist places a single prosthetic tooth to the screw.

With an All-on-4 implant, you don’t need to replace each tooth individually. Instead, a dental professional will surgically insert four titanium posts into your jawbone as the main anchors. They can then attach a permanent prosthesis bridge at those four areas for a seamless look across your entire mouth.

  • Snap on dentures: Similar in appearance to traditional dentures, stabilized overdentures (or snap on dentures) do just that…they “snap on” to implant abutments via 2-4 locators found on the underside of your denture plate. 

As is the case with traditional dentures, you will still need to remove your snap-on appliance every night to soak it and brush it clean the next morning. But unlike traditional dentures, there’s no rocking, shifting or rubbing to manage because your implants keep the snap on appliance secure and in place.  The implants also allow us to remove the pallet (the part covering the roof of your mouth), which not only helps with speech and chewing but brings back the taste of foods that you enjoy.

We also perform extractions on problem teeth that need to be removed as part of the whole-mouth reconstruction process. 

Not sure which option is right for you? No worries. Our expertly-trained staff can work with you to determine which solution is best. 

What Can I Expect from the Procedure?

Prior to receiving your implants, you will need to complete a few necessary steps that can be done during your consultation visit. 

In an effort to minimize pain and discomfort, you’ll be fully sedated during the actual procedure. At this time, any remaining teeth will be extracted, and a small incision will be made for each implant. The implant will then be placed, the incision closed, and you will most likely be given a temporary bridge that will act as a bandaid to allow the healing process to take place. This will take a little bit of time (usually 4-6 months). 

You will never be without your smile or chewing capabilities during the process. Once your implants have healed, an impression will then be taken and used to create your permanent restoration.

And What About the Benefits?

Did you know that conventional dentures are proven to be 75% less effective than your original teeth? That’s a lot of your favorite foods you may now have to forego for the sake of convenience. 

Dental implants, on the other hand, are often times even more durable than your original teeth. And that’s just one of the benefits.


Compared to conventional dentures, dental implants offer the following upgrades to their recipients:

  • Benefit from the advanced materials used with implant surgery that provide a more permanent and durable solution that is also more cosmetically desirable than traditional dentures.
  • Enjoy the ability to eat harder and healthier foods that would not typically be available to you with regular dentures. 
  • Keep your facial structure looking strong and youthful for a longer period of time with the bone preservation that implants promote.
  • Speak clearly and with ease as implants do not shift or move around in your mouth, unlike their conventional counterparts.
  • Keep your healthy existing teeth in tact as implants prevent them from shifting and weakening with extra strain and overuse.

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